late hours

August 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

I contemplate over the past

wondering why I always hold such doubt?

I remember how it felt

with no compass,

no clear direction

we secretly hold hands

smiling at each other.

Warmth in my chest,

sparks in your eyes.


So we sailed away

to a destination unknown.

We didn’t swim with sharks

nor we dove to the sea-bottom

and bounced back.


What we had was more than enough.

I swear I lived my life with my eyes closed.

Security without any doubts,

security without any doubts.


Quarter to one,

let the dreams in,

sink in white, blue and green.

I wished the daylight wasn’t your greatest fear,

if only we could have stayed in bed a bit longer.


So my eyes are facing the past
and I know, soon

colors will fade

pictures, memories cannot last.

Time will be my guide

for who wants to be friends with the past?

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