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” the area dividing the brain and the soul

is affected in many ways by

experience –

some lose all mind and become soul :


some lose all soul and become mind :


some lose both and become :

accepted. “

                                                                                                                                                                – Charles Bukowski

Cognitive dissonance : Mind Over Meat

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I got inspired by an article that explains the meat paradox : how is it possible that people who love animals, take care of pets and have absolutely no desire to hurt them are nevertheless meat eaters.

Here is an extract of the article :

” Americans eat animals as a regular part of their diet. In recent research, Brock Bastian and colleagues refer to this as the “meat paradox,” and they propose that people attempt to reconcile this paradox (and reduce the cognitive dissonance associated with it) by reassuring themselves that the animals they consume (unlike their pets) do not really have minds – that is, they cannot think, feel, and understand their fates, and therefore they do not really suffer. ” You can read the full article here.

This is my visual interpretation of cognitive dissonance in this particular case.

cognitive dissonance

Vegetarian Government

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In Sweden, if you want to buy an alcoholic beverage that is stronger than 3.5% you have to visit either the local pub or go to the only retail store allowed to sell alcohol – System Bolaget. This is the name and it’s owned by the government. There is a network of 422 stores and over 500 agents serving smaller communities. You have to be 20 years old to shop there and 18 to buy a beer at the pub, go figure. According to the page of System Bolaget the monopoly on alcohol exists for the sole purpose of minimizing alcohol-related problems by selling alcohol responsibly, without profiting from it.

I am not going to argue whether this restriction helps or not. Instead I’ll share with you something that caught my attention not so long ago. At every System Bolaget, I assume since it is a chain of stores, there is a single shelf of alcohol free beverages. It is round on wheels, and it is placed in front of every cash register. Basically it’s like the positioning of all the sweets, candy bars and full of aspartame chewing gums on your way cashing out. A clever strategy aimed to increase sales. In the case of Systemet (the System) however the goal is to decrease the consumption of alcohol beverages and increase that of non-alcoholic. Before the smiley cashier greets you, a sign reads the following :

“An alcohol-free drink that goes well with your dinner .“

How bold, how ironic, how absurd, how.. I could go on. In a store that sells only and only alcohol you are being encouraged to buy non alcoholic drinks. Well, it makes sense since their number one concern is limiting the consumption of the very products there are selling on first place.
Do I dare to dream about a future advertisement in a similar manner but for different kind of products? Can you Imagine butcher shops promoting vegan food?

Get your vegan meal together with a fine selection of red wine” – the sign would read.

There are leaflets, or even small manuals on how harmful alcohol is for your health at System Bolaget’ every store. Responsible drinking is encouraged with tips how to consume less or what instead of alcohol, refreshing non-alcoholic tips for the summer season and telephone number if you have a drinking problem.

Now imagine your local butcher, wearing blood-stained apron is passing a bag with two lamb chops to you and a flyleaf with advice on cutting down meat consumption and various vegetarian recopies. This is unlikely to happen in the near future mostly because there are no government-owned butcher shops. Therefore no centralized form of control has the right to enforce such practice on private ownership.

However I remain optimistic as I already see signs of improvement on local/governmental level. Recently at the Mamlö Festival (Mamlö, Sweden) I saw a big poster advertising responsible way of living and daily practices. It encouraged the citizens of Malmö to use bikes or public transportation, share a car with other passengers if possible, recycle and few other activities which to a big extent the people here are already doing. Among the recommendations I was pleasantly surprised to read “eat vegetarian food”.

We differ

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Friendly Advice

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” …and when love came to us twice

and lied to us twice

we decided to never love again

that was fair

fair to us

and fair to love itself… “

                                                                                                                                                                                                  – Charles Bukowski

Nils von Dardel – The Dying Dandy ( revised 2011 )

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Edvard Munk – Jelousy ( revised 2013 )

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munch reworded2

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