Cognitive dissonance : Mind Over Meat

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I got inspired by an article that explains the meat paradox : how is it possible that people who love animals, take care of pets and have absolutely no desire to hurt them are nevertheless meat eaters.

Here is an extract of the article :

” Americans eat animals as a regular part of their diet. In recent research, Brock Bastian and colleagues refer to this as the “meat paradox,” and they propose that people attempt to reconcile this paradox (and reduce the cognitive dissonance associated with it) by reassuring themselves that the animals they consume (unlike their pets) do not really have minds – that is, they cannot think, feel, and understand their fates, and therefore they do not really suffer. ” You can read the full article here.

This is my visual interpretation of cognitive dissonance in this particular case.

cognitive dissonance

We differ

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Nils von Dardel – The Dying Dandy ( revised 2011 )

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Edvard Munk – Jelousy ( revised 2013 )

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